NEW On-line Learning journals

From September 2016 we are changing the way we complete learning journals. From September on wards all children will have a Tapestry online learning journal. Tapestry is a program that has been written by the Foundation Stage Forum and allows your child’s key person to update learning journals as observations using tablets.

You will be able to view your child’s learning journal at anytime, through the website or through an App which is available for tablets and smartphones. Each parent will have a unique password and will only be able to view their child’s learning journal. This also means relatives can also view the learning journal if you choose to share details with them. For parents who do not have access to the internet or smartphone at home we can let you view the journal at nursery or we can print it off for you to look at and keep.

All information is encrypted and kept on a secure server by Tapestry. We also have a staff policy which only allows staff to access Tapestry on the tablets that have been issued to them and only through secure wifi connection.

For more information or any questions please speak to Natasha or Sharon

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